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Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric Headwrap Turbans


You can quickly and easily tie and fold your wrap into many different styles.

  • Just wrap it and tuck the ends. Dress it down with some jeans for a quick run to the store, dress it up with an outfit for a night in the city.
  • No matter what time you can always look gorgeous and pulled together
  • The wraps are extra-long and wide for full coverage of your hair, no matter the length and thickness.  
  • The wraps are very versatile, can be worn as turbans, Scarves, hijabs, and so on. 
  • Turbans can be worn in a variety of styles and work great for even wrapping long hair. braids, dreadlocks, and so on. 
  • The fabric is Breathable, Light, and Elastic
  • Colours: Comes in a bunch of different bold and beautiful colors to better match your individual style
  • Size: Length 185cm, Width 85cm
  • Material: Soft Microfiber Polyester